tumbler throw

red green and brown tumbler quilt

red green and brown tumbler quilt closeup

oh, hey, lookie, a finished quilt!  haha!  here's one i started in approximately 2011, when i was still living in greenwich, CT.  i pieced it and quilted it in 2012, and bound it in 2013.  it took me until just recently (THIS MONTH!) to wash the dang thing and manage to take a photo of it.  yes, i am the slowest quilter known to quilting kind.  :)  or i've been too busy piecing other quilts or something.  but hey, at least i get things done eventually, right?  :)

the whole inspiration for this one was the chartreuse floral fabric (you can see it about 6 blocks over from the left on the bottom row); it was some liberty fabric i bought when i lived in san francisco (circa 2006-2009), from the fabulous britex (near market street/downtown).  i went for a contrasting color scheme and threw in a little brown.  i guess i was thinking of a retro, kind of 70s colorway.  i didn't intend for it to be Xmas-y (not my thing!) but it kind of has that feeling anyway!  so be it.  i rounded off the corners (with the assistance of a plate!) for the hell of it).  it's about throw size.

there she grows!

Poppy @ the Halloween dance

Poppy's new glasses!!!

what my amazing daughter wanted to do on a no-school day:  go to the bookstore!

all of a sudden, my little baby girl is FIVE.  she started kindergarten in august, just after her birthday, and she had to get glasses (!!).  it sounds trite and cliche, but damn, time really does fly.

with regard to kindergarten, poppy's taking to it like a duck to water.  her reading ability was off the charts going in, but now i am seeing a lot of growth in math and writing and it's just the most beautiful thing to watch.  she's told me multitudinous times this fall that she loves school.  so awesome.  :)  she's also taking gymnastics and is in the daisy level of girl scouts.  very busy bee, this one!

i've been busy this year...

I've been busy this year...

silence doesn't equal a grinding halt to life or blogging, it really equals a lot of intense work.

seen above:  eleven quilts in various states of completion.  some completely done, right down to the binding, some just pieced tops, and everything in between.  at least three are gifts for friends and/or family.


i'm currently experiencing a major roadblock in my quilting progress; my bernina 430, which i use for almost all quilting (straight lines, with the walking foot), is experiencing technical problems.  all of a sudden, i'm getting skipped stitches.  i took it in for a service earlier in november to a chicago-area tech, but the problem persists.  i'm now reticent to use that machine at all; i'll just be wasting time picking out stitches and it's not worth the mental stress.  i might look into a new machine (another bernina, since i've got so much invested in feet/other accessories), and/or i may try working with the tech and see if the problem can be solved.  i feel like it's probably a timing issue (the needle isn't making contact with the bobbin or something) but that's a wild guess.


what's been keeping you busy lately?