black and white triangle quilt

full frontal b&w quilt :)

b&w triangle quilt // close-up

b&w triangle quilt // trying it out on p's bed

a recent finish:  this black and white triangle quilt!

sometime last year i decided i wanted to make a triangle quilt...who doesn't like a triangle?

i went with black and white as a colorway because i love the's classic, it's chic, it's trendy, it's timeless.

most of the prints are some kind of graphic geometric print featuring circles (with some other things like stripes thrown in for good measure), and the alternating white triangles are white kona cotton.  the binding is solid black kona.

i quilted it with echo quilting on each seam at a 1/4"...the triangles are fairly small (about 4" x 5"-ish) so that process took foreverrrrr.  but i am happy with the final result.

is it just me, or are triangles trickier to piece than one would think?  you have to make sure you sew them together just right or points get nicked, and the like.  the result is worth it, though; all those diagonal lines make for a very dynamic looking quilt.

i decided to put it on Poppy's bed...just to mix things up and try something new in her room.  she said she likes it.  :)