what's bits + bobbins dot com all about?

Bits + Bobbins is the online home yours truly, Tricia Royal, fiber artist/quiltmaker. You can learn more about me and my work via my blog, and gallery, and buy some of my work in the shop.

what is your commenting policy on the bits + bobbins blog?

ALL comments on Bits + Bobbins are moderated.

Positive, and respectful comments are always welcome on the Bits + Bobbins blog. Spam/advertising, or rude comments of an attacking nature, or trolling/flaming/abusing/insulting other commenters or myself is a no-no.

Any questionable comments shall be deleted at my discretion. Repeat offenders will be banned.  No anonymous commenting here, either.

Thanks for understanding.

hey, aren't you the gal who started wardrobe_remix on flickr?

Yep! i created the wardrobe_remix, the DIY street fashion community in September of 2005, when I was a fashion design student at parsons.