topography of my body

i'm in the process of making a sloper/block to fit my silhouette, and i'm fascinated by the idiosyncrasies of my own body. the extreme curves of my breasts, the squareness of my shoulders, the smallness of my waist, and it's small gradation to my straight-ish hips. i'm looking at it with a fresh perspective. my body is odd, it's extreme, yes, but it is me. just as you are you. viva la difference. the fascination with my own uniqueness extends to thoughts about genetics and the infinite variation of amazing and different we are, within the boundaries of our species, and yet, how similar. these discoveries about my own form are merely the discoveries i have encountered in the making of the my bodice and skirt...i'm sure a similar rediscovery of my thighs and calves and arms will commence once i draft my sleeve sloper and redraft my pants sloper.

it's intriguing to see how one's own curves and lines translate to and from the the language of mathematics. i've taken a new, relatively objective look at myself, and have seen how i translate to and from two dimensions to three, and then back again, fashioning a two dimentional bits into a that than somehow conforms to my specific, three dimentional topography. amazing.

i've been putting this off for so long. now i'm thinking about the possibilities for custom clothing for myself. i'm eager to keep plugging along in this process of discovery, to keep pushing, learning, trying...and end up with things i can wear that conform to my exact figure.

i feel like i've been let in on some secret, and the secret is actually rather simple. it takes some effort and some spacial sense, but it's not rocket science.

it's a gift i wish i could give everyone, especially those who are hard to clothe, like myself, due to the extreme uniqueness of their bodies (which is, HELLO, just about everyone). if only i had the time and resources...

i suppose my parsons eduction was not for naught, no ma'am. lately, i had wondered... :D