recent obsessions

i hate summer, so of course i'm already thinking about fall! ***

pieces i actually want to acquire as part of my fall clothing budget:

-black straight/slim jeans

-ankle boots:

-sweater dresses and quirky leggings (NOT just black, which is okay but is so expected!):


i'm also thinking about:

-empire waist mini-dresses (seem to be the thing at the moment but i care little) -patchwork dresses -quilted fabric and leathers -bold marimekko prints -crocheted dresses -matte cotton yarns -tape yarns -beige shoes and boots -beige + metallic gold + orange together -crocheted hearts and flowers pinned in my newly curly hair -red-orange nailpolish on my toes -african fabrics made into simple dresses and skirts -full skirts under dresses, or two skirts, one on top of the other -snakeskin anything (like purses and belts and shoes, especially) -shrunken denim jackets -cowl necks -spray painting my shoes -being swaddled in scarves again...autumn please hurry! :D


i've been rather fascinated with textures of late: the matteness of cotton yarns, the flakiness of snakeskin, the curls in my hair, hand-hewn lumpiness of quilted and patchworked bits.