moves made.

so, i recently made a move from livejournal, to my very own wordpress blog, now run off the server of a friend. i made the move for a myriad of reasons:

firstly, using a personal publishing platform like wordpress allows me more control of my blog, allowing me to shape it and mould it to my liking.

secondly, running a blog off our friend's server allows me to track traffic to my blog more easily. i can see where people are coming from, which is really, really nice.

there are other reasons, but suffice it to say, it was just time to go, and it was an amiable departure. i plan to check in with friends and communities from time to time over at livejournal, but i intend for this blog to be my main home on the web from here on out.


with this move, i also intend to streamline my blogging content even more than i had before. i want to focus *even more* on:

  • street fashion and it's intersection with art and culture. this is probably one of my greatest obsessions.
  • fashion design, in general. this is the field in which i have been recently trained, and perhaps this blog can be a window into where that career track may take me.
  • fashion and/or design pieces that moves me, what i'm currently obsessed with, and why. this might or might not intersect with what's "trendy," but i could give a crap! i tend to prefer smaller, artisan-esque, mostly foreign labels, but i am not really a supporter of fashion elitism, or and generally not a slavish fan of labels or a member of the cult of high couture. i feel that fashion can come from anywhere: the garbage, second-hand, and one's own hands, in addition to the usual suspects (high-street/mass stores, boutiques, major labels, etc.). i love to see how high and low fashion mix, mesh and intersect.
  • the process of making things. i make lots of things (sewn, knitted, crocheted, etc.) and blogging about my ideas, my process, and the results helps me keep track of the creative insanity.
  • the visual arts, with a particular focus on the fiber arts. when i find amazing, inspiring art or artists (past or present), i like to spread the word.
  • thrift-reports and thrift styling sessions. thrifting is a huge obsession of mine as well, and i rather love showing off and mashing up my thrifty finds and seeing what comes of it.
  • the wardrobe_remix project: i'll likely keep up the wardrobe_remix posts, wherein i show off particularly interesting outfits i wear, and occasionally, the amazing outfits of other group members.

generally, i like to keep personal things personal, but being that i'm a human, and i have a blog, the personal stuff is bound to slip out on occasion, and that's not always totally awful. but i want to try and keep that to a minimum.

i was doing all of these things, to a great degree, over at livejournal, but i suppose i want to make an even greater effort to stay on topic now that i have made a fun, fresh start.


down the right side of the blog, you'll see that i have added a list of fashion/art/craft-related blogs, and websites, and a huge list of street fashion links. these are all blogs and websites i follow and love, and i highly recommend all of them.

if you are aware of a great fashion or art blog or street fashion website that i don't already have listed, i would love to hear about it/them! i'll be adding and changing the list of blogs and websites as the blog matures. ***

and i have to ask, who are you? how did you find this new blog? i'd love to hear from you, if you are so inclined.