all found in manhattan. many found yesterday, and a few found more than a few yesterdays ago (in other words, this past spring and summer). ***

love the colors in this, first and foremost. would liven up a plain white tee or blouse. vintage tooth necklace

vintage enamel earrings, which are broken. but no matter, i'll fix them up tout suite with some beads and jewelry findings already in my possession. :) enamel earrings

for some time, i've been admiring the retro simplicity of dance shoes, like capezio's, but hadn't yet gotten around to acquiring a pair. but yesterday the thrift gods delivered, and i found this hardly worn pair at my favorite goodwill on e. 23rd street. dance shoes

i'd suggest that about 1/2 of my jean wardrobe comes from thrift stores....and that's saying something, because jeans are pretty much the cornerstone of my wardrobe; my standard uniform.

this first pair of levi's was found earlier this spring at the salvation army on e. 23rd street. i'm particularly enamored with the slightly higher waist, the slimness of the leg, and the honest, broken-in quality of the denim. no fakey distressing, no ridiculously low waist that shows off your underwear. jeans like these are like a breath of fresh air after so many years of low, low, low and bellbottoms and bootcuts. just plain, straight jeans. vintage levi's jeans #2 i can be seen wearing them here, in one of my many wardrobe_remix shots.

this pair cracks me up. i love them because they are so crazy and highwaisted. found these yesterday. pete (the husband) hates them, but their extreme high-waistedness and tapered legs also seem fresh to me (though they are clearly from the 80s!). i swear i saw something like these in the latest issue of nylon (the denim issue!!), but i could be dreaming. i just have denim on the brain. 80s guess jeans

another pair of levi's similar to the first pair, but a little lighter. worn with some insane thrifted charles jourdan 4" heeled sandals that i teeter around in occasionally, found years and years ago in florida. vintage levi's jeans #1

*** plus a few more:

a faux snakeskin/alligator bag. i love it for it's tackiness! it transcends tacky for me and becomes sort of cool. under $10 for sure, from the salvation army in hell's kitchen, manhattan. 80s faux alligator & snakeskin bag

and some brooks brothers vintage flats. only $5! one was missing a tassel. no matter, i just ripped the remaining tassel off! i like them better this way...the tassels made them look very classic british aristocrat or uber-old-school prep, and that's not *me*. i'm considering fashioning some shoeclips to change their look. vintage brooks brother's flats