wardrobe remix(ers) o' the week

it's that time again, roughly, when i show off all the super adorable street fashion photos from wardrobe_remix, as i have been wont to do for some time now. i think i'm going to maybe set aside a day each week for this, instead of doing it when i "remember". hee. let's say: fridays. *** some of the amazingness of this past week. keep it up, you gorgeous, stylish things!

johanni: Paint tube bag

nubby twiglet: august 1st wardrobe_remix

(aside: i want to be where these two first gals are! I WANT TO WEAR LAYERS. i loathe heat. this "surface of venus" heat-wave garbage is for the birds.)

lameliar: august4

brixtonia: Wardrobe_Remix 3 - ghetto

lebonbonmulticolore: Its still hot as can be!

goddamn! you guys ROCK! the ones shown here, and really, all the members! this thing's growing like a beautiful weed.