thirty one.

portrait of me, by matt cipov today i am 31. thank you mom and dad for bringing me into the world.

30 has been a good year, generally.

-i learned quite a bit. the last two semesters of school at parsons fell within my 30th year. i want to continue to keep learning. it keeps my brain excited. -i graduated, for the third time (i've now got one AA, one AAS, and one BA under my belt). all three times, with honors. -i saw myself get published on a national scale, writing and telling the world about things i love. the first time was with an original crochet pattern in debbie stoller's new crochet book, stitch and bitch crochet: the happy hooker, and the second was an article about thrift shopping for the premiere issue of the new craft mag, adorn. -started wardrobe_remix on flickr. it's small and still relatively unknown but it's growing. i still can't even believe that people are interested and participate! -i improved my knitting and crochet skills, started designing my own sweaters and knitwear more seriously, kept up with my drawing (have even learned to love it) and draw almost everyday.

this year will bring a lot of changes, and the future is a big question mark. the future and all of it's unknowns make me scared, and excited at once. but i can handle it.

i hope to:

-have a smooth relocation to san francisco at the end of this month (exactly 3 weeks away!) -get in shape! keep walking everywhere. get a bike. i've wanted once since before i even moved to NYC but never got around to getting one. lose some weight. be firm. be healthy. -learn to live with less. -find employment that utilizes my skills, talents, background, interests and intelligence. -learn more about patternmaking, draping, and the like. -knit more. design more knitwear. see where that leads me. -explore some more ideas i have concerning street fashion + the web. -take some business courses. -stay creative.

may the rest of my 30s bring:

-one child. -perhaps my own small business? a small line of my own designs? a bricks and mortar store? -a master's degree, perhaps? maybe an MFA in fiber art. -more travel. -a permanent home. -a marriage that continues to be fulfilling, fun and flirtatious. -more friends.