wardrobe_remix(ers) o' the week

okay, so i missed last friday. BUT i have an excuse...that family wedding thing i mentioned in my last post! no matter, i suppose...only a few days late. on with it!


lebonbonmulticolore: Wait,wait wait little one

sevenofspa8des: There's something about vests

luckyolive: aug 10 06

fiftyRX3: IMG_5753

persephassa: dailywear03

verhext: 8_10

some old favorites, some new. all amazing, as per usual.

what i love about what i consider to be the stars of wardrobe-remix (which include the fabulous fashion dolls pictured above, and many, many more individuals participating in the group, of course) is their willingness to be daring with their clothing choices, their inner drive to push the constricting envelope of "fashion", their penchant for breaking the "rules" of style. to take something abandoned by the current, so-called fashionistas and trend-mongers and make it part of their personal style statement. taking a risk, trying something new, and mixing it up is a sign of adventurousness, and of a creative, intelligent, observant, original mind.

personally, i am a sucker for the novel, the new. the "new to me". show me something i haven't seen, try something new. new things, new sights to see, new experiences create more brain cells and the connections between them. excite me! excite you! question "why"? and "what if"?

conversely, i am bored by the "same old thing," and disapointed seeing so many grasp onto something out of safety, without thought. to me, nothing is more irksome than someone who does not question the status quo, who blindly follows along with the crowd, the bandwagon, the herd. this goes for plain janes and fashion slaves alike.

fashion springs from ourselves, as well as from our culture (local as well as global). with the advent of and domination of all media (including TV, internet, film, and so on, and so forth), we run the risk of becoming homogenized.

don't let that happen.

keep remixing, keep being YOU.