(current tv)+ streets are the new runway

for those who don't know, there's a new cable/sattelite channel out there called current. i like to explain it to people as a cross between CNN & public access, aimed at hip young people (read: those in their 20s-30s). it uses a lot of what they call "pods", short pieces of film, shown randomly throughout the day/night. some of them are produced by current themselves, but a lot of pods are created by viewers. pods can be about anything: entertainment, fashion, art, current events, politics...literally anything. in addition to having tons of pods showing on the actual channel, there are tons and tons of pods on their website as well, all there for the viewing. YOU could submit a pod, about ANYTHING interesting, and it could get on TV or be shown on their site. for instance...a while back i noted that built by wendy did a pod, showcasing wendy mullin as a designer, and her clothing and store. tool around and look at the website and the content on there, and you'll likely get an idea of what current is all about. it could be a tool for advertising, a tool for getting the word out about news that you feel needs to get out, perhaps even a tool for activism, i'd venture. it's young, innovative, and trend-forward. pretty damn cool...it's the default channel in our abode when nothing else on tv is worth watching.

anyway, i saw a pod today produced by a viewer out of NYC about street fashion, here: http://www.current.tv/pods/style/PD04143 you have to see that one on current at this point, so check your cable/sattelite listings...i'm guessing it will eventually be available on their website once they take it out of rotation.

here's one from the same gal, from last year on the same subject...right here for your viewing and enjoyment!