home sweet home part deux

some pieces that shall be added to our apartment soon-ish: the bantam sofa, from DWR: it's sort of a sage-y green...though if you put your nose up to it, it has flecks of brown and even grey. very affordable, too!

the eames plywood lounge chair and eames rocker, both also from DWR, in the colors shown:

flokati rug from IKEA: anyone know if these are of decent quality? if not, where we might find a nice quality rug that looks similar? i'm calling out to you great folks for suggestions! i am using this color to give some some much needed neutrality to our surroundings, which tend to be hyper-colored! i'm trying to reform, i really am! trying to tone it down, at least a little. :)

possibly these stools from IKEA for the kitchen bar (in lieu of a dining table in our tiny apartment, as i want to have room for a teeny studio instead!): unless we find something better down the road...i haven't seen anything that strikes my fancy *quite yet*.

all these will be added to some pieces we already own, of course.

still thinking about a coffee table...i'm seriously wanting something in a medium brown color, that's akin to our kitchen cabinetry, to sort of bring the whole space together...may seek out a vintage piece as a coffee table rather than buy new. i want to think about that for a while! most of the other wood in the house is blond/pale but i think it would be a nice contrast to have a coffee or side tables in a darker tone.

and we need to locate a cool dresser somewhere...of course. no more giant closet at our disposal here! there is lots of storage, but not *quite* as much as we had in brooklyn.

if i haven't said it already, i really like the idea of mixing very modern or mid-century modern pieces and spare, clean(er) lines with homespun, brightly colored touches, like bold denise-schmidt style quilts, fun old afghans, needlepoint pillows, little bright colored vignettes of *whatevers* grouped here and there, graphic art/vintage paintings, and the like. i can't manage stark modern interiors, they are just too sterile for me and my rather nostalgic tastes.


other things i'd like to do:

-make a circular crochet rag-rug for our kitchen out of scraps of all sorts of fabric in a myriad of colors from my fabric collection (how fun would that be? plus my kitchen is small and it wouldn't take too long to do something like this, i'm thinking!)

-finish the yo-yo curtain for our bedroom...it's also out of all colors of scrap fabric

-knit or crochet a riotously multi-colored afghan for the couch, out of nice wool. maybe something with granny squares? others may find them tacky but i'm prone to loving (some) tacky things! tacky things need love too! hee!

-get lots of plants for the back porch and try not to kill them! hah!