thrift! orange!

the past couple of fridays i have allowed myself to tear away from the house and home duties...and instead, i get out of the house and do a little thrifting and walking around. i can't afford to buy much for myself at the moment, and really don't want to go crazy accumulating things anyhow, unless they are house/home related. every piece of clothing i look at second-hand (or hell, first-hand!) is examined thoroughly, meditated upon, tried on and modeled in a myriad of mirrors multiple times. i come home with less, but i love it more.

a few items i came home with this week (and last), after much careful consideration:

60s vintage dress

thrifted grey angora sweaterdress

thrifted purple ikat bangle and orange polkadot clip-ons


my new tea pot!  and (some) thrifted orange things.

ah, the lovelyness of all things ORANGE. not only am i swathing my body in orange (red-orange, orange-orange, and on and on, if that includes orange natch!), but i'm picking up little amazing objects that feel right for our home that are orange. the orange teapot was an inexpensive new find, from ace hardware, of all places! but i think that it is simply lovely.

i've never owned a teapot before, just a kettle. i like the british formality of teatime. it seems to me that using the teapot in the process of making tea seems to be a somewhat unnecessary, luxurious, largely social act. and it's free, so why not take luxuries like that? formality can be good sometimes. and really, the act of making tea and serving it out of such a lovely, sunny teapot just makes me smile, even if it's just for myself.

those red-orange 70s canisters, by the way? thrifted. three smackers for the two of them.