remix'n it. new (or really, new to ME!) plus way old.

-beige vintage 80s calvin klein shirtdress: thrifted yesterday at thrift town, SF. it's very roomy and comfortable.-black 60s beads: goodwill, SF. -black leather vintage corset belt: thrifted in jacksonville, florida. -super skinny jeans: miss sixty (yes i wear these far too much) -black ankle boots, folded down: thrfted yesterday at thrift town, SF. (see here for them unfolded and close-up: www.flickr.com/photos/pintuck/288058574/) -gold vintage earrings: thrift town, SF.

*** thoughts (such as they are):

i find that i can actually do the roomy/oversized thing, but it has to be calculated and careful, with due attention paid to my big old chest... which means that i *must* employ ways of defining my waist, or i look like a giant rectangle from the bust down. it's almost as if i think: "i really am under there and of reasonable size everywhere else! i swear!" there are so many things i must eschew, then, to fit my personal needs, and subsequently, most trends must be damned. this outfit was rather comfortable, i must say, and that's the way i like it. i love it when jeans are so skinny they become leggings, which is the case with these jeans. i wear them as such under dresses like that constantly, and have done so for years (my W_R set proves this, haha!). it's kind of sick, an probably sad to some, but i'd rather wear the same thing over and over if it's good and suits me...

as i've said about a million times before, i could spend lots of money on the latest trends, but i really don't often do so. i suppose i get more satisfaction out of going to thrift stores and uncovering the same look or looks, often from the era they were first spawned, for pennies.

it's such a waste, in my mind, to spend lots of money on throwaway clothes from places like H&M and such...while it looks great, and certainly is affordable, i just ABHOR the idea of something falling apart after such a short time. and i literally shudder at the cheapness of the fabrications they use. it may *look* like the latest thing at first glance, but that's all it is, because it often feels and looks cheap upon close examination. it can't and won't last. in my mind's eye, it's like taking one's money, and throwing it in the trash. maybe not right away...but eventually. if i am going to spend money, it better be worth it and it better last more than one season or several.

and really, that's not even getting into the fact that the cheapness of the clothes from many mass market retailers and manufacturers speaks to the cheapness of their labor, and the ethical ramifications of that relationship...

and anyway: fashion silhouettes are cyclical. oversized/exaggerated? try the 80s, the 60s, the 50s (balenciaga, hello!!??). shoot, any recent era or decade was typically so varied within itself (especially the 70s, 80s and 90s), that one can find something that will work and be relevant today, if you look hard enough...