peter and i went to the alameda antiques fair yesterday. it was our first time going there. it was neat, lots of cool stuff to look at, for sure. but i guess i have a thrifters sensibility; most of the stuff there seemed so overpriced. which isn't to say that i won't go back again... :)  i probably will.  but i'll keep my eyes peeled for the deals.

alameda the sky was so blue over the bay. i've said it before, and i'll say it again: the sky seems bluer here than in other places i have lived. it's like a clear flawless pale blue jewel.


we found a few choice things, nothing grandiose. this orange tray from the 60s/70s and the two enameled metal plates were but some of the things we found for the house.

vintage tray and vintage enamel plates

the bottom of the rectangular plate is the most lovely color, a rich emerald green. i love how it looks against the orange of the plastic tray. mmm, vibrating colors.

bottom of rectangular enamel plate


a few pieces of jewelry i picked up at the fair: both plastic. the color combination on those clip ons entranced me: aqua against avocado. i want to use it in things that i make.

vintage plastic necklace and earrings


finished red feather and fan yet another feather and fan scarf, finished.

i'm working on some hand-knitted berets atm, i shall post them soon. it's hat weather now.


so yes, i've been working more. days slip by so seems like i never blog, though i want to. sometimes i am at a loss for things to say. and i suppose i have slightly less time. it's ok. while it's quiet i think about what i want to do and where i want things to go, with this blog, and with life in general. still trying to figure it all out.

in the meantime, my fingers and mind are always busy with something, lots of things. i wish i could talk about things but the words haven't come to me yet, and there are also things going on i can't quite talk about yet. soon, soon.


i'm writing blog entries for work, you can read them here (along with the entries by sabrina, the gal i work with/my boss!): we write about products that have been popular around stylehive of late, which is neat. i get to learn more about stuff i never knew existed. i see so much cool stuff every week on the 'net, new products and makers and designers...much more than i used to on my own. it's sometimes overwhelming to take it all in but fun. it's neat to see what people like and are into, and it is fun because i have always liked to ponder the process of how trends happen and why.