favorite outfits of 2006


4.27.2006 4.27.2006

5.2.2006 5.2.2006

6.16.2006 6.16.2006

9.2.2006 9.2.2006

9.16.2006 9.16.2006v1

11.4.2006 11.4.2006

12.10.2006 12.10.2006


i love looking back. looking back allows one to see the trends in one's own personal style! my personal trends and favorites in two thousand six:

  • the color red-orange. it's EVERYWHERE in my wardrobe most of my favorite pieces in my closet are in that color: the red-orange raglan 70s cardigan with the short sleeves, the A.P.C. track jacket with the plastic zipper, and that red-orange enamel pin (a vintage find). several pairs of red-orange enamel earrings...all get regular, or TOO regular rotation! hah!
  • boots! i love boots. vintage, new, whatever. often i can be found tucking my tights/leggings into my boots. i rarely wear jeans without tucking them into boots unless i'm wearing pumps. boots deserve to be shown off!
  • jeans: the slimmer/straighter and tighter the better. still. i have been pondering getting a baggy pair of jeans, but i think generally slimmer jeans are more flattering for me, since i am short (about 5' 3").
  • scarves! this habit started while living in new york. it carries on here in SF. a simple way to add color. plus, i LOVE the feeling of a big, voluminous scarf wrapped around my neck and chin...i feel comfortable, protected, and swaddled. i love anything with a high neck. which is actually really funny, because when i lived in florida i HATED turtlenecks and the like. it's far too hot there, i guess.
  • patchwork!
  • belts really work for me, regardless of their in or outness. i need them to define that i actually own a waist.
  • i have an unabashed love for that vintage acid-wash kids levi's denim jacket. it's perfect and it goes with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in my closet.
  • peep toes!
  • green and orange together, and red-orange/orange with gray. i have also started to embrace black again, and i do love tan/beige. mixing more neutrals with brights. still having fun playing with color.
  • leggings and tights! another layer, another chance to play with color!
  • i actually REALLY liked my hair red. lots of people claimed they prefer me blonde, but eh. i don't know.