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knitted zig zag scarfsewing tools built by wendy pattern

so, in keeping with the wardrobe refashion pledge, i'm in the middle of a few projects, as seen above:

-a zig-zag scarf made with odd bits of yarn from the ye olde stash.

-and starting a sewing pattern from the built by wendy pattern collection, as a way to get myself back in the sewing habit before attacking custom patternmaking i want to get into doing tout suite, as i detailed in a previous post. i'm planning on making the one shown on the far right, the one with the three quarter length sleeves and elasticated hem. the fabric is a rich pumpkin-colored wool jersey.

i am very happy this weekend for one big reason: my new patternmaking/cutting table arrived yesterday! i was told it would take three weeks to arrive, but instead, it only took three days! petey put it together this morning for me. now i can now sew and design with ease!

i was very worried about the weeks it would have taken to get here, as i abhor the idea of using the floor to draft patterns or assemble pieces of patterns while sewing, if only for the damage it would do to my weak back. *phew* so glad it did not come down to that...

the sewing and designing will now commence! hurrah!