thrift finds and other recent aquisitions

first, that which was thrifted:

french heels from the 80s (the blue suede ones are charles jourdan):

thrifted french heels.

brand new red boots:

thrifted boots

i love the scalloped bit at the top edge.

i'm enamored with the huge rhinestone and perforated clip-ons:

thrifted clip-ons

purple is pretty!:

thrifted clutches

for the neck:

thrifted necklaces

and then without further ado, that which was found new:

i keep having to buy new sunglasses. i lose them like crazy! i like 'em cheap and big:


acid yellow is a big obsession of mine at this nanosecond:

acid yellow cotton scarf

these polish kierpce handmade shoes were sent to me by the polish co-worker of a friend of my husband's. they are ethnic and hand-hewn and to me, quite lovely:

polish kierpce