it's the first day of spring! not that it makes a huge difference here in SF, as it's felt like spring for about a month already. here i'm in the studio where i sew/design/etc., aka, the other half of the living room in our miniscule hilltop flat. a pile of things i need to alter is to the left on the back of the chair. everything is a mess at the moment. but it is reality.

one of my favorite outfits of late, though not the best shot. my photographer is at work. :P

-green vintage enamel clip-on earrings: thrifted -green vintage glass bead necklace: beacon's closet, williamsburg, brooklyn. -green lucite cocktail ring: alexis bittar -gold bracelets/bangles: thrifted -gold elgin watch: inherited from pete's grandfather. -red sweater i restyled recently: thrifted -white tank with flourecent orange stripes: H&M -red-orange tank: american apparel -black acid wash jeans!! -orange patent leather flats: steve madden


off to do some thrifting!

p.s. i added a BUNCH of street fashion blogs and websites and other cool blogs to the sidebar.  check them out if you haven't already.  the best of the best, all for you.