if money was no object...

it's been a bit, but there's no time like the present to post right?

this installment of if money was no object... is about that which is neutral, thoughtful, and at times, sculptural.


falling in line with my recent and growing obsession with cocktail hats and millinery is this veiled beauty, handmade by milliner kiss curl, who hails from the UK.

simply lovely. this sort of hat is, in my opinion, most perfectly paired with a calculatedly casual outfit to make a downtown-ish statement. i wore one of my new hats (similar to this one) to a nice dinner downtown at a chi-chi steakhouse, and later, a throwndown house party at the abode of my friend and fashion/art maven miss anti-factory this past saturday eve here in san francisco and fielded lots of compliments and interested and more than a few approving glances from friends and other folks. suffice it to say, capping off my ensemble with a smart hat is a look i see myself getting into more and more. as i said, this sort of frippery is fun, first and foremost, but works perfectly when it makes a nice foil to that which comes below.


i love the contrast of materials and varied juxtaposition of forms in this ring (in this case, ebony, synthetic stone, and 18k gold), by german artist stephanie jendis, available at the sienna gallery. to call this bauble statement-making is an understatement.


the best of two accessory worlds (bags and shoes, two of my favorite fashion food groups!) become one in this trompe l'oeil heeled bag by A'N'D (found at one of my fave outfits for fashioning outfits, creatures of comfort):

and while we're talking about the work of A'N'D, this belt belt of theirs is pretty damn neat too, also found at the aforementioned:

both are sure to turn heads, which is a fine feature for clothing to have.


though i may not have mentioned in before, i've actually always been a fan of clothing that has a certain sense of futuristic-ness...a post-apocalyptic, almost science-fiction feeling, while still somehow remaining feminine, because of their scale and detail. think: the outfits princess leia wears in star wars when not decked out in shapeless jersey flowing frocks or revealing glorified bikinis made of metal. this convertible nylon jacket/vest by Gsus (@ UO) illustrates that aesthetic:

accordingly, i see this shiny jacket with it's perfectly puffed sleeves over something lacy, hole-ridden, or worn, and with killer heeled boots, in black or tan or perhaps even gold.


...or, heck that jacket might even make a good team with either of these structured, restrained heeled boots by humanoid (a fashion firm from the netherlands), in any of the offered hues below:

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