4.7.2007 + dressing for your figure, not the fad


getting ready to go out on the town yesterday eve, for drinks and curry. this outfit is basically me in a fashion-y nutshell: a little clean, a little quirky, a little cute/demure, a little of the mixing up of eras with more regard to shape and color than decade. i've come to think of the super skinny, skinny jeans as more of leggings than jeans, per se. being that i hail from a perpetually chilly clime (san fran, ca), one has to dress with warmth in mind, and this is one of my favorite ways. dress over pants haters be damned to hell.

-red 80s blouse with frilly neck frill: beacon's closet, williamsburg, brooklyn -green empire waist dress: made by me from a 70s vintage pattern years ago -black acid wash jeans, worn like leggings -red leather strappy stiletto sandals: fornarina -orange 60s earrings: salvation army, manhattan, NYC -unseen orange cocktail ring: mission thrift, SF.


on the subject of wearing what's right for one's body:

wide leg jeans are a style that seem to be fast on it's way back in the current and coming seasons, at the decree of some sour draconian fashion arbiters that are "sick of the skinny"/straight/anything resembling it.

i found a pair of such at my local thrift, and upon trying them on in the comfort of my own home and giving them a twirl in my bedroom mirror, i came to the honest conclusion that such wide-leggedness does absolutely nothing for a short-stuff like moi. i'm 5' 3", and curvy, and wide leg pants make me look stumpy and wide.

one has to be critical...the whole aesthetic picture has to be considered, and if a shape doesn't work, it has to be canned.

straight or slim pants personally do me and my figure more justice...the slimmest part of my body is the bottom half (hips and legs). why not accentuate the positive? isn't that what personal style is partially about?

YES. knowing what works and what doesn't work is KEY, and TRENDS ARE MEANINGLESS, as far as "shapes" are concerned. not every trend or shape works for every body. it looks smarter to stick with shapes that work for your figure than to slavishly follow fads.