halfway back from halfway around the world

i'm back from vacation! well, mostly. i'm exhausted and out of sorts from the flights and time changes and actually, being back is sort of surreal! i said i might blog and such while gone, but frankly, having fun far away from home in major european destinations (amsterdam, paris, and antwerp) generally took precedence over net surfing, and by extension, blogging.

i checked in here and there when possible, but mostly left my laptop in the closed position.

frankly, i enjoyed my weeks away from it all (real life and the net alike)!

had a wonderful time, ate lots of food, drank copious amounts of beer, walked around like crazy, occasionally pondered a possible move overseas, and did a lot of soul searching about what i want to do with my life from here on out.

thanks again to everybody who made suggestions several weeks back about places to check out in amsterdam, paris, and antwerp! i made good use of your suggestions, but also just wandered about and tried to absorb the local atmosphere and go where our whims took us (us being me and the husband, pete). good times were had.


some snaps from my holiday...

leiden, NL:

in leiden, NL

amsterdam, NL:

bikes, bridges, canals.

paris, FR:

louvre @ night
le tour eiffel
carousel at montemartre

antwerp, BE:

MOMU in antwerp
the cathedral in antwerp

more photos and commentary here, at my flickr page.