if money was no object...

yes, yes: it's been a while! with my recent vacation and pressing need to get some work done (for maker faire and other assorted jobs of a freelance variety), there's been little time to post, but time is back in my side again, at least temporarily. i'm back in the style saddle again! or something close to it.

needless to say, there's quite a big backlog of covetable items in my if money was no object... coffers!

this time time it's about the cute, colorful and cartoonish, versus the classic. i quite like combining the two. it's all about the juxtapositions, right?


first, the cartoonish:

these handmade fabric and felt pins by kookii:kooky of singapore are the epitome of cartoonish cute:

i imagine these adorning the chest or shoulder a rather simple dress, kind of like, well, the first of kooki's photos there! the simpler the frock, the better, because a brooch like that needs to stand alone to be appreciated to the fullest.


i'm totally enamored with the found object jewelry of grainne morton.

jewelry like this is idiosyncratic if not completely unique and is bound to get comments and catch eyes...the best kind of jewelry to wear, in my (not so?) humble opinion.


these 1940s reproduction leather peeptoe heels by remix vintage shoes are perfectly here and now, and huh, they just happen to come in two of my favorite hues!

what's old is new again, right?


to the classic!:

classic with a twist, that is! these earrings are the perfect balance of simple with a difference: the setting is minimal, but the gem is oversized. they remind me of a pair of brown clip-on oversized gem earrings i already own and unabashedly love, but these stunners, by jewelers conroy & wilcox are far more luxe:


i actually caved and bought this linen/cotton blouse, from j. crew, because i am in love with it's simple preppiness, and subsequent, implied versatility:

the rolled up, tabbed sleeves suggest casualness, as does the linen/cotton fiber mix (both are sort of wrinkly, and wrinkles looked relaxed and a touch disheveled, but in the good way). but then, it's also this buttoned-up, super-classic, part-of-the-canon-of-classic-pieces shirt, that looks totally put-together, too. i bought it to wear with pencil and circle skirts i am planning to make, tucked in and bloused out a bit to show off a cute belt, one i own, or perhaps one i will make. perhaps those skirts or belts will be a bit crazy, the way i like them! i can also think of a myriad of other ways to wear it, so therein lies the beauty of this particular blouse. see?

(as a related aside: i'm actually rather in love with j. crew as a concept. more on that in another post, perhaps. :D)