i have been doing a tremendous amount of sewing lately. once upon a time, not so long ago, i was addicted to knitting, and my sewing projects had fallen to the wayside. the reverse is now true...sewing is the obsession in my creative life that appears to be taking the lead as of late.

on that note, a recently completed design/sewing project:

striped denim circle skirt

inside of denim circle skirt

it's a simple full circle skirt, made of vintage denim that i thrifted way, way back. the pattern was drafted by me, to fit myself. super simple. all seams and the hem were finished with hand-cut bias binding, cut from the scraps of some hand-dyed indigo blue cotton i bought at a quilting fabric shop many moons ago.

i've been loving the idea of circle skirts lately: the sheer volume of their fabric, the swish they make when one walks, the ease that is inherent in their both their creation and their wear. very feminine, very classic, very versatile. sometimes on-trend, but also outside of the trends...always and forever relevant.