readymade magazine's re-fashion issue + this week's threadheads

i've long been a fan of the berkeley-based DIY mag, readymade. you too?
apparently their latest issue is their first-ever re-fashion issue! how very cool!

(image of cover belongs to readymade, natch.)


on a related note:
i am also a *new* fan of threadheads, the DIY clothing weekly video podcast by threadbanger. go over there and watch, ye people who love to get hands on and down and dirty with your wearables!

this week's episode takes a tour of readymade magazine's headquarters and has some projects for re-fashioning your clothing based on some of the projects featured in the latest issue of the magazine.
(p.s. if you can't see these and are on's because they screw up some video links. come the actual site to view it or go to the threadbanger site. there are actually blogs OUTSIDE of livejournal, people...break out of your little world over there! :P )