dallyings and dabblings

two in-process projects: objects to beautify my home.


my first quilt

these blocks will be the beginnings of my first-ever quilt. i've been yearning to make one for years. patchwork is actually an old friend of mine, but i have never turned it into a quilt or something for my home, choosing instead to usually put it to use as clothing.

i am starting with a simple string/strip quilt, using old and new fabric from my scrap pile. some of the fabric was thrifted, or salvaged from thrifted clothes or linens, while others were left-over bits remaining after much of a piece of fabric was turned into clothes. there's even a bit of hand-tie-dyed fabric (the orange slice on the bottom left) that i dyed myself many a year ago. i am loving how the fabric looks together, and how they form a chevron. something about it feels very beachy to me...it sort of reminds me of florida, where i lived for much of my life.



and my first ever afghan, of crocheted granny squares. i have a huge amount of bulky-weight lamb's pride taking up room in my supply closet, so i figured i would put it to some use and make it into a blanket. each square will have a goldenrod colored final row, joining them all together. then i plan to felt the whole thing, so it will sort of muddle together some and be less fuzzy (the mohair is a bit nuts when it comes to shedding). it's been fun playing around with the colors, to say the least.

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