one of my favorite things about the wardrobe_remix project has been "meeting" or becoming aware of intriguing, stylish individuals from all around the world.
when a person posts a photo to the wardrobe_remix community, we (meaning viewers/fans of the group) get a visual taste of someone's personality, and of course, a sense of their personal style. but a picture doesn't always tell the whole story, you know?
so, being the hyper-curious sort, i always have tons of questions when i look at these super awesome wardrobe_remix(ers). i want to know who they are and why they do what they do, and in turn, wear what they wear. i want to critically dig beneath the surface and the superficial aspects of a person's personal aesthetic expression and get to the substance, perhaps even the science of it all.
why? well, clothing is not just clothing. i believe that it speaks volumes about who a person is: where they come from, what they love, what they value, their politics, their very many things. there are a myriad of internal and cultural forces that compel us to express ourselves via our clothing and other adornments.
so in an effort to learn more about these superbly stylish wardrobe_remix(ers) and celebrate their amazing creative ensembles, i'm starting an ongoing feature on the blog called remix(ers)_revealed!
each week, i will be posting an enlightening interview with a few select wardrobe_remix community members, that will be illustrated with a small selection of the photos and looks that represent that individual and their phenomenal style.
stay tuned!


(p.s. i will (of course) be continuing the wardrobe_remix(ers) o' the week posts as well.)