if money was no object...

hrm, strangely, i haven't been scouring the 'net much for fashion-y things of late. i guess my mind has been occupied by other things! probably better for my wallet that way! but, of course, there are a few little favorite finds i wouldn't mind snatching up, of course, if money was no object...


i love these plywood, geometric brooches by british artist bethan laura wood:

Picture 2.png


i never thought of myself as much of a laura ashley fan (in the past i found her stuff sort of country-froofy), but some of the pieces from the newly-revealed laura ashley archive collection are rather lovely. so my mind has officially been changed:




i think what makes them appealing to me (besides the fact that they are made with organic cotton) is that they feature nice medium-scale prints and of the moment hues that would look amazing paired with bright colors (the ones i favor, dontcha know). for instance, i could see the brown dress over a turquoise tee, and the yellow one over a red tee (being busty i can't wear a sundress/halter without a top underneath...big old granny bra straps are ugly as sin!). i stand by the notion that both would be mighty fine with chartreuse green heels. mmm.


dolce vita has been making some great shoe styles the past few years, that are on point and at a reasonable price range. this jazz-style shoe is nice; it has a girlishness roundness to it that veers away from the traditional jazz style shoe:


it's funny, though...when i see these and ponder over their relatively conservative, old-fashioned sort-of feeling, i'm often reminded of what my parents used to say about similar shoes (though they were a tad more clunky back in the ye olde early 1990s) i tended wear in my teens: "why are you wearing those old lady shoes??!??" love you mom and dad, but i still stand by my unyielding love of the old lady shoes! you know what they say, you can take the girl out of her teens, but you can't take the old lady shoes away from her. (or something like that.) ha.