become a re-designer!

are you teen-aged, devastatingly, creatively fashionable, and absolutely convinced of the inherent awesomeness of second-hand shopping? yeah? well, check it out!

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(image courtesy of savers)

the savers chain of thrift stores (which includes savers, value village, and village der valeurs) is looking for six trendsetting teens to fill fun spots on their 2007-2008 ReDesigner board! members of the ReDesigner board will "represent the popular savers/value village chain" and will be able to "share their fashion philosophies with the world" through focus groups, online style events" and more. the best part? winners will get an all expense-paid trip to seattle, washington (the home of savers) the week july 9th-13th for to participate in a fashion workshop that includes shopping for, styling, and starring in saver's annual back-to-school photo shoot!
apply and get more info here:
get on it! the deadline is june 25, 2007.


i'm not sure how many teenagers i reach with this blog (say hello if you're reading!), but i thought i'd pass the word along anyway...perhaps you have a teen in your life who might be into something like this cool-sounding contest!
the reason i posted this: i would have KILLED for something like this when i was a fashion-obsessed, thrift-shopping-crazed teen! heck, there should be something like this for "adults"! *hint hint*