thrift town documentary!

do you live in san francisco or el sobrante, california and LOVE to thrift at thrift town? fancy being on film? yeah?

(image courtesy of thrift town)

well, check THIS out:

Thrift Town Fanatics
Do you love Thrift Town? Do you love to thrift shop? Do you have a Thrift Town story? Would you like to be in a documentary shot at your favorite thrift store?
On July 7th Moon Mountain Productions will be shooting at the Mission Street Store in San Francisco!!! and On July 8th Moon Mountain Productions will be shooting at the El Sobrante Store in the East Bay!!!
This project is 100% voluntary and will be screened locally so come be apart of our film and tell us why you love Thrift Town!!!
Email TODAY if you would like to be involved!!!

ETA: from samantha, more on the project and what they are looking for:

"Main Points trying to hit:
-Thrift Town is a community. It brings people of all ethnicities, classes, demographics, age groups together to share one thing, the love of thrifting
-The recycle & reuse way of life
-How unique Thrift Town is compared to other thrift stores and whay makes the shoppers come back time and time again

I'm looking for people who can relate to these situations:
-Band that has found instruments/sheet music/vinyl that they have incorporated into a set
-Seamstresses/Fashion Designers that have used old patterns to make clothes
-Filmmakers/Playrights/Directors that have found props or furnished sets or scenes with items found at TT
-Parents that have bought toys for their kids
-A son/daughter who had their parents take them school shopping at Thrift Town in their youth
-costume shopping
-Furnishing an apartment or house
-Used items at TT to make crafts or gifts
-Someone who found a prom dress (and still has it) for themselves or their daughters -or something new!"


help samantha out: spread the word to anyone and everyone you know who might possibly be interested! there have to be some other thrift town junkies out there reading who love it as much as i do!


i am totally going to try and be a part of this myself, if i can! you know i wholeheartedly believe in the amazingness of thrifting and have been thrifting (like it's my JOB) for more than 2/3 of my life.
shopping at my local thrift town is basically a weekly or even biweekly ritual for me...and if you've been reading my blog-based blatherings closely for a while, you'll notice that finds from thrift town make up a sickeningly huge part of my wardrobe. it's given so much to me, and i adore it so! i would love to be able to sing it's praises.