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(see more of sara's fun, girlish, vintage-influenced style in her 'wardrobe remix' flickr photoset.)


name: Sara Lucas flickr handle: swissarmyknife age: 29 going on 30 location: Lisbon, Portugal website:
what do you do for a living?
I work as a colourist for comic books, for American publishers and also for storyboards for Portuguese advertising companies.
what are your passions/obsessions/hobbies/aspirations?
My obsessions are kitties and shoes. I have two cats, and they're the sunshine of my life (after the boyfriend). As for the latter, I never seem to have enough of them.
what inspires you?
Life does, I guess.
how do you define "style"?
It's all about fun.
how would you describe your personal style?
Eclectic and sometimes a bit schizophrenic, it depends so much on the mood.
how does your background (personal history, passions, culture, nationality, etc.) come through in the clothes you like and wear, if at all?
I think that the fact that I always liked unusual clothes must come from the fact that I have always been connected to art. I feel that elaborating one's outfit for the day is an interesting creative process, and also a way of incorporating your creativity into daily life, as a reflection of personality. Here in Lisbon almost everyone is a bit conservative when it comes to clothes(fortunately that is changing a bit), and I have always been stared at on the street, and that has stopped me a few times from being bolder when I was younger. Now I'm a lot more confident and don't really care about all the stares, I end up waving back sometimes, hehe.
choose one item in your closet that you feel completely expresses your personal style and/or aesthetic. describe it. what is it and why is it "you"?
That is a hard question, but I'd say it is a silk and knit dress I got from Cacharel: the shape looks antique sort of a flapper thing more or less, but then it has this cute animal print: the mix between classic, feminine, and playful.
do you collect anything? if so, what?
I am a packrat. I have been trying to get rid of a lot of things lately, as I have no more space left, as I tend to collect a lot of different things. But now I am learning and I have been trying to just get specific things: cat related things, deer related, swiss minature cuckoo clocks, books and of course, shoes.
what are some of your favorite places to shop when you want to add to your wardrobe? online? locally? anywhere in the world? why are these places favorites of yours?
The high street shops where I shop are mostly H&M and Zara. I also like to visit the local outlets, where one can get things from past collections at a very nice price, and also from the flea market, to feed my vintage cravings. I have made a decision lately, that is to never pay full price for anything. Of course a few exceptions can be made if it's something one really really fancies, but so far it has been working and I've been able to get almost everything I had my eye on when it goes on sale. I end up not saving money, but I do get double the amount of things, hehe.
does your location (where you live) affect your style? if so, in what ways? describe what your city is like in regard to fashion.
[My location] does affect my style especially when it comes to footwear. The streets of Lisbon are paved with cobblestones and they're terrible for high heels. The heels either get stuck between the stones or totally ruined after one day of being worn, not to mention that there are a lot of hills as well. (I get really mad when something bad happens to the more expensive pairs I own). Because of that I have been refraining from buying more high heels, as I can only wear them for special occasions, like going to a party by car or something, because for daily life, it's a nightmare.
what do you think is next in terms of fashion? perhaps something that is currently flying under the radar, but could be really cool an popular later, or perhaps something amazing you'd like to see more of that needs to come back or be the new thing?
I have no idea. Honestly. I started picking up on the vintage trend before it was fashionable like it is today, so I guess that was the only time I was ahead of time (hehehe), as it's too much part of my personal tastes and style. I used to like a lot of punk rocky stuff but with age I came to appreciate more and more feminine styles and clothes from the first 6 decades of the 20th century have got to be favourites for me. It seems that a lot of people are picking up on that as well lately, and I suppose that will still go on for a long time.
One thing that I think is still going to be around for some time (at least magazines are totally pushing it forward) is the sports chic. I absolutely hate it. Oh and don't forget that the 90's revival is still yet to be!
you are super creative with your clothes! share a creative tip or idea about a way people can remix/style their clothing in a fun or innovative way.
Read magazines just for fun, not as bibles. Following trends too much is a recipe for looking like you 'fit [in]', but it also makes you like you have a lack of personality too.
style icons: do you have any?
I like Dita Von Teese. Compared to other celebrities I see on the red carpet she's the one who I never have anything to say about what she is wearing. (At least what I've seen so far.)
how did you come across wardrobe_remix? why do you post there? What do you like about it? has anything positive come about for you as a result of posting to the community?
Someone on my friends list on livejournal was participating in it and I thought it was funny and decided I should do it too. The main reason, and I am not too ashamed of admitting it is of course, vanity, hehe (I guess that everyone that posts there has to be proud of what they like to wear and really wants to show it off). I really like dressing up and as much as I like to see other people with fun clothes, I like to show off mine as well. Plus it is sort of fun to keep a log of how one's style keeps evolving through time. I've been doing it for more than a year and it's fun to look back. Some combinations i'd never do now LOL. The most positive thing about posting there has to be of course the oportunity to also see other people. It's always so inspiring!
other favorite wardrobe_remix(ers)? who, and why?
I have a few of them: persephassa, because she has wonderful taste and great garments too, vasiliisa because she always has the cutest prints, lebonbonmulticolore - she always looks cute, marquise, lilyofthevalley and only-sleeping because of their great collection of vintage items, marcine because she has this really cute girlie style. Oh well there are a few more, but I forget the usernames (sorry guys).
anything else you'd like to say?
The only thing I can say as a finishing note is: Have fun!


thanks sara!


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