wardrobe_remix (+ me!) on CURRENT.TV!

wardrobe_remix (and moi) were featured on current.tv!!

see here: http://www.current.tv/pods/look/RD06113

wardrobe_remix and ME on current.tv!

here's the scene: i was just sitting here, tapping away on my humble little macbook, writing some emails, and my back was to the television. current.tv was on. all of a sudden, i heard some talk about fashion and style, blah, blah, then a mention of a neat, inspirational online...flickr group...called wardrobe_remix, by ME!

whaaaaa???!!?? of course i had to flip around and hit the reverse button on the TIVO remote...a couple of times in a row. and then after a moment of looking like a deer in the headlights, i also tapped the record button.

to say i am in a state of shock is an understatement! the video appears to have been made in mid-june...so i am not sure how long it's been airing. i haven't watched current.tv in a couple days, but it seemed sort of serendipitous that i was watching it (in a lazy way) when this aired.

but, hey, ho, hip-hop hurray! THANK YOU, CURRENT.TV!!! you summed up wardrobe_remix and it's mission, rules and ethos PERFECTLY. i had pondered making my own video eventually and wanted to submit it to current to get the word out, but hey, they did it for me, and did it better than i EVER could have done.

it almost goes without saying, but also, THANK YOU wardrobe_remix(ers)! you are a HUGE part of what makes it so. freakin'. AWESOME. and why it's amazing enough to hit the airwaves...or get any kind of attention, period. i may have started it, but you ran with it and made it your own, and that rocks. i love you guys.


so, you might be asking, what is current.tv? their own words say it best:

"Current is a global television network that gives you the opportunity to create and influence what airs on TV."

more information about current.tv can be found on their about page. if your cable or satellite provider carries it, check it out! it's great. and if they don't, you can always watch pods/videos on their site and you can demand that your local station pick it up.

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