if money was no object...

again, it's been a while...it's always a while in between these sorts of things. more so as time slips into the future. guess i am not worth my weight in fashion salt. a poor "fashion blogger" i suppose. perhaps i am not the latter at all! a distinct possibility.


fall's almost here. i haven't been paying much attention to the coming fashions, except in passing, as my mind's been occupied by other more pressing thoughts and other inwardly focused mental machinations.
i have but one thing on my mind lately, and would love to have, if of course, money was no object...


i need a new pair of black boots. the pair i bought for $2 at the salvation army last fall were claimed as a potty by my black feline fiend/friend, girl, a few weeks back, and umm, yeah, as such, i'm loathe to keep wearing them...as one might expect.
i believe these black frye tina campus boots (@ shopbop) would make a fine replacement for said thrifted boots. they fit my aesthetic and fashion philosophy to a tee: fine materials (nice leather and a REAL stacked wooden heel), simple, classic shape. subtile sexiness imbued by the small lift provided by the aforementioned heel. bold, in its simplicity. form following function. in other words, perfection.