wardrobe_remix in Adorn Fall 2007 (and) in Northern Ohio Live!

some recent press for wardrobe_remix, which is now up over 5000 members! wow!


first up...my latest wardrobe_remix-related article in Adorn, for the fall 2007 issue.

remix_redux/wardrobe_remix article in Adorn Fall 2007 issue

i really love how the page came together this time around. big thanks to the wardrobe_remix(ers)...you look amazing! the whole issue, as always, looks stellar and is mucho inspiring (i want to go make some string art RIGHT NOW, ha!)


and secondly, a really cool editorial in a local magazine out of northern ohio, called Northern Ohio Live, entitled wardrobes, remixed, which is about the group and a member local to that geographical area, and why it's cool and egalitarian (unlike some other fashion-sharing websites around at the moment):

wardrobes, remixed (in Northern Ohio Live)


big thanks to Adorn for letting me do my thing once again, and to Northern Ohio Live for the coverage of the group. much appreciated!