(used) stuff + finished (knits)

two knitted things i've recently completed:

tomato red and fuchsia/sequin striped cowl

i'm mad about cowls...as anyone who's lingered around me for any decent length of time knows. they are great because they brainless knitting projects for me...just a tube of knitting, essentially. also, they are a great way to use up small bits of yarn (which i have boatloads of), while making a "scarf" that's not really a "scarf". and of course, they are a fun way to play with color, or texture (from the yarn itself or through the use of pattern stitches).
this particular cowl is made from some tomato red silk and rayon ribbon yarns i found at one of my favorite local yarn shops, imagiknit, which is located in the castro, and happens to be within dangerously close walking distance of my house. the fuchsia ribbon yarn also has some red sequin carry-along thread yarn knitted together with it, hence the bit of spangliness you might see flashes of.
i love adding sequin yarns or metallic yarns with other yarns into my cowls...it makes it feel like a piece of sparkly fiber jewelry rather than a scarf.
i paired with a strapless lace 80s cocktail dress i thrifted at goodwill, haight street, SF, yesterday.
and here's yet another feather and fan scarf. also sort of a mindless, fun knitting project. i've made three of these so far.

yet another feather and fan scarf

made from cascade 220. such an easy, smooth yarn to knit with, that comes in a myriad of colors and is extremely affordable...i love it for those reasons and more.


some recently acquired things i'm completely grooving on:
the most perfect cloth napkins ever, ever, EVER. a birthday gift from my new pal lisa. she is *awesome*.

napkins from lisa c.!

this flower facinator from the ebay shop i mentioned in my recent cocktail hat post:

red flower facinator

and this crazy-fish emblazoned vest, from goodwill, on haight street. i'm still pondering whether to restyle it or turn it into a cool pillow. either reincarnation would please me equally:

fish vest!