favorites + obsessions o' the momento!

favorites o' de momento
(more favorites + info may be found on my flickr favorites page)

what i'm grooving on/obsessing about at the moment (besides the lovely and inspiring photos by *you* pictured above!):
-fluorescent anything! -the fact that summer finally appears to be starting here in san francisco (for those not in the know, SF gets warm in late summer and early fall, when other places are getting cooler)! it dawned on me recently that sunshine makes me happy, so i intend to seek out more of it, at all or any cost. -homemade smoothies made from summer fruits, eaten for breakfast (i particularly love tropical ones, with mango, pineapple, and banana and some type of melon, if any happens to be hanging around). -BOKEH...it's that perfect "fuzziness" you see in some great photographs, a certain super shallow depth of field. i have a new nikon d40 camera i've been using for a couple months now (and LOVE, oh. my. goodness.), but apparently i need a lens with smaller f-stops. maybe i need to get this lens!? -i'm probably the last person to hear about or mention this, but polyvore is pretty neat to tool around with. woot, collages! -the fabric and paper installations and constructions of maine artist karen gelardi. graphic color + fiber + form = loveliness in the eyes of tricia. -this flat-out AWESOME pad in L.A. (shown/found via AT:LA) has been haunting me for weeks. love the all the modern/resalvaged furniture and details in the home in question (check out this light fixture! *swoon*!). plus those COLORS??!! glory-be! saturated, pure color goodness in the form of a home! can i/we move in, joshua and raphael? :)


some minor though cool news coming in a couple weeks. stay tuned...same bits time, same bits channel. :)