machine & alice mc call: the homespun touch

clothing with 60s/70s-esque hand-needlework elements are what i'm grooving on hard at the moment. okay...well, to be honest, i've always been into clothes with those elements! i'm old, so that's a long time! what elements, ye may ask? well, things like applique, embroidery, patchwork piecing, quilting, and the like. yum yum.


these pieces are by a mysterious maker called machine, who inexplicably only seems to use myspace (yuk!) as her primary interface with the world. i was tipped off to the existence of machine by jennine of the coveted (thanks!). i love how everything has a very sexy 70s feel (down to the colors), and her crafty use of what appear to be recycled elements in the design of her garments. check out the details utilized: braided straps, lacy crochet, directional all just really works together in a lovely way.



(photos via machine)


aussie designer alice mc call has some handspun elements in certain pieces within her s/s 2006/2007 collection, conjointly entitled welcome to the dollhouse:


(photos via alice mc call)


good stuff than makes me yearn for more of the same!