favorites...and stuff.

(more favorites of the momento here)


other inspirations and obsessive random-osity in trish-land of late, in an all-exclaimation point format!:
-decorating my new loft! (we've decided that we're staying in SF for a while longer, after doing some soul-searching/deep thinking/looking around!) -on a related note, i've been obsessing over/loving the interior-scapes of wary-meyers for months now! amazingness overload. -my amazingly talented and original friend ally's knitting blog, sticks and string forever! she inspires me so much. -iced black tea! hot black tea! TEA! -collecting funky old vintage teapots! -snakeskin shoes, in BRIGHT COLORS! -dance shoes! -wacky, geometric vintage needlepoint pillows! -fiberarts magazine! -sunny days! -an amazing afternoon consists of sitting on the rooftop of a hotel, drinking wine with your girlfriends, and pretending you're on vacation in your own town! -anything gold and glittery! -the beastie boys show in berkeley tonight! should be *awesome*.


and i'm laughing over the truthiness of this video! it's the the hipster olympics!:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAO4EVMlpwM]