(not so) random links

some interesting things of note around the 'nets i have noted: -sly mai of the fashioni.st managed to take a photo of me when i was out with her for a photowalk! i happen to be rocking a dries van noten (menswear?) vest i found for $4 at thrifttown. SCORE! also, it's interesting to note that i am one of many happy vest wear-ers around sunny SF this week!

-i am LOVING my aim is true's weekly fashion installment, fat fashion thursdays! amber has a very sophisticated eye and modern aesthetic, and reiterates what i believe to be a Truth (with a capital-T, thank you very much!): that scintillating style is not limited to the skinny.

-too cool: obsessive consumption is a compilation of drawings by kate bingaman-burt, wherein she details her daily purchases via pen and paper, resulting in the most revealing doodles. see also: kate's obsessive consumption blog and flickr stream.

-kayte of love forever's food softie sculptures are brilliant. the depth and texture she uses to make such work just perfectly to approximate the illustrated foods. you can tell me to buzz off, kayte, but it'd be amazing to see a whole dinner party spread or refrigerator full of these things. woo, an installation of faux food! congrats on the plush you show.