(oldie but goodies): posts of yore!

i am digging deep into the vaults to resurrect some old posts on bits and bobbins you might enjoy/find interesting:

-does street (fashion) influence fashion, or vice versa? some notes and thoughts from a panel discussion i attended in september 2006, here in san francisco.

-an inspiring, colorful quote from interior design maverick, david hicks!

-some facts about me. a bio of sorts!

-fashion versus style. a discussion!

-a zig-zag, crazy-ass scarf pattern! for you! by me!

-bashing the trendbashing. as in, following trends slavishly and dogging things for being "tired" or "overrated" is just that.

-on risk taking, and dressing one's age. what do you think?

-why i believe that a head to toe photograph is important, when it comes to wardrobe_remix photographs. (FYI: one of the most fundamental rules of w_r is that submissions must be in a HEAD TO TOE format...from the tip of your head to the shoes on your feet!)


i may resurrect more as time goes on. it's pretty fun to look back sometimes, even for moi!

(seems i have found more time this week to post than previously thought...and i was able to line up a couple posts ahead of time/when i had a few extra minutes of downtime! which is good, because next week-ish, things get crazier with the move! not sure what will happen! eee!)

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