be yourself.

you don't have to be a direct mirror-like reflection/copy of: -the latest trends (straight off the runways) -the fashionistas snapped on the streets that are posted to many a street fashion blog these days -the hottest movie star -the hippest member of whatever band -a model -whatever. fill in the blank.

direct copies are derivative anyway. give what you wear your own spin.

it's not a competition. you don't have to "keep up".

no one is perfect. in fact, the imperfections are what make us real, what make us interesting.

nobody but you is keeping as close track of things (you wear), trust me. and if they are, well, their priorities aren't straight.

you don't have to be anything but YOU. find your own way. be smart.

be as inspiring as you are inspired.

be yourself.

(it's far more interesting.)