(not so) random links

the poetic, epic scale and feeling of YOKOO's photography floors me. she also makes huge scarves whose scale and texture defies normalcy, in the best of ways.


-i'm with nubby twiglet, sharing ideas and creativity with the world at large can be a good thing. as nubby suggests, forget about being copied...if something is really good, anything or anyone else that tries to match it or you will pale in comparison. as i often say to anyone who laments about this soft of thing (sometimes i'm talking to myself!), the cream rises to the top. let go/accept, move on, then produce more and different ideas. you'll be better for it.


-be confident, love yourself, and positivity will follow. in matters of fashion, yes, but also in life! not sure how to be confident? consult the inimitable gala darling, she of the astute lifestyle advice, particularly this confidence-inspiring missal (via nubby twiglet).


-german fashion/style blogger, wardrobe_remix member, and street fashion photo taker (over at http://tragflaeche-leipzig.de/) laura has turned me on to one of the most creative and original street fashion sites i've EVER seen, fak.org.ua, out of the ukraine. it's a color explosion over there, just the way i like it! and the photographs border on art. thanks laura! here's a taste:


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