eley kishimoto + sonia rykiel: spring 2008

i'll admit it and have admitted it before: i find most fashion shows, and fashion show recaps kind of (very) tedious...which is why i seldom post them myself here on bits and bobbins. it's a once in a while thing, like for instance...now.
why? well, it all starts to look the same to me...and only the very select few say something new or interesting (to me, anyway). when it comes to designers, i know what i like, and i know it when i see it. and i tend to fall back to the designers i know and love best, whose design sense suits me best. i think that's kind of the key to being secure with one's own personal style: eventually you come to know who you are and what you like. it's not that you don't look around, that you aren't aware. it's just...well, you know yourself, and when you stick to what you absolutely adore, it feels natural. i think this may be something that comes with time. but i digress...


every season i check back with eley kishimoto, one of my all-time, absolute favorite design teams (consisting of british-based couple mark eley and wakako kishimoto). they have a graphic, artistic, unafraid, whimsical, girlish, fantastical sensibility that just resonates with me...and those colors! i've written about them before here on bits and bobbins; they never ever disappoint. if i could afford a closet full of their frocks, i'd never stop smiling. if you're so inclined, you can check out their blog here.
a few pieces from their spring 2008 collection that caught and delighted my eye:



(photo credits to eley kishimoto, see more of the s/s 2008 collection here)


carrying on with the whimsical thing...i so love are these select pieces from the spring/summer 2008 collection of french design maven and favorite of mine, sonia rykiel. i'm hugely into knitwear, and the two trompe l'oeil knits below are just jaw-droppingly divine. they evoke the trompe l'oeil bow sweater of elsa schiaparelli...and are just so delightfully funny. that yellow! it's like pure sunshine. these pieces have an overt sense of play...the complete opposite of the stark, serious, stiff fare in many collections. laugh! smile! it's better for you. sonia knows that statement to be true, that's for sure. i can sense it.



(photo credits to style.com)