the granny square blanket = finished (mostly!)

seems like it's been ages since i posted anything i've created!
remember the granny square blanket i started way back in june? well, i finished it sometime around the end of august. my memory is a bit hazy as to the exact date of completion, but i'm pretty sure i put it all together sometime right before we moved to our new place. which would mean late august, if my post project calculations are right.
here it 'tis:

the bedroom area

i was intending to felt it, but i don't have a top-loader washing machine available (all the ones in our new building are front loaders...shucks!). so i may just leave it be. it's seen here on our bed, which was it's intended destination from the beginning. i am planning on making some pillow-sham type things for some of the pillows and adding a few more bargello pillows, maybe this jonathan adler one. i like how everything else it pretty modern in the area (the bed frame, the quilt, the shelf), with all these hand-wrought touches about. a tried and true to me visual juxtaposition.
overall, i am really happy with how it turned out...and that i had the patience to stick with it and finish the whole thing. actually, admittedly, i was chomping at the bit to finish the damn thing, so obsessed, that any potential procrastination really didn't figure into the granny-square blanket project at all, okay? OKAY?? (yes, i am a bit type-a.)