crazy days!

it's been a crazy week for me. and here's why: -working my part-time job monday and today -doing some research for some freelance work -drs. appointment -a little socializing with work mates -making curtains to serve as closet doors in the bedroom area (photos sometime soon, check flickr!) -and um, a little 5.6 magnitude earthquake tuesday evening that scared the daylights out of me! whoa. my first major-ish quake. gave me a panic attack! our whole loft building rolled back and forth for about 20 seconds but my heart was pounding right out of my chest for a heck of a lot longer. no damage, for us, or really, anyone, as far as i heard from reading some early news reports. thank goodness.

also, i mentioned this before, but i will be in NYC next wednesday through the following monday. it's the first time we're been back since we moved from there in august of last year, and i am really excited. not sure if i'll dig my feet in and refuse to fly back home or what! ha! actually, i'm sure i'll be okay...i'm starting to really feel my groove in SF, which is really lovely, after such a rough year.

following the NYC visit, i'll be down in the orlando, florida area for 5 days, until the 17th visiting family and some friends, and i plan on thrifting like a maniac while there, of course. i hope to come back with some good stuff! *crosses fingers*