if money was no object...

wow, it's been almost two months since i did an if money was no object... post? suffice it to say, stuff is really piling up in my (very virtual) covet cupboard!

so let me get to it!

i'd surely like any of these exceedingly lovely things, if, of course, money was no object...


monotone is obviously magnificent, as proven by this all-white brooch by mary pearse made from the seemingly incongruous materials mix of diamonds, silver and plastic.


it's available at sienna gallery. [via dear ada, whose blog is full of lovely things!]


leather is one of my favorite "fibers"...it's warm, it's organic, it's supple and it's literally quite visceral, a very real metaphor for our own skin. i can't get enough of leather, and love working with it myself, when possible.

kingdom of style just posted this stunningly beautiful fitted leather vest by grai, which is available @ hejfina. when i saw it, i audibly gasped. i am so enamored of this particular piece i can feel the desire for it in my gut, like an ache.

grai leather vest.jpg

the two sides of the vest are distinct, yet they work together beautifully: the back is tough and sexy (note the piercing at the top by the collar), and has fitted, body-conscious shaping. the front has soft, sensuous folds that cascade down from the high neck to the hip and are pulled in by a cinched waist. it's one of those pieces i can sort of see with everything i own: over blouses with voluminous puffed sleeves, simple v-neck tees, pencil-thin denim skirts...i'm not sure i'd be able to take it off!


if the dollar wasn't such crap at the moment, i'd cave and buy these bright red patent leather oxfords from topshop. fie on you, terrible U.S. economy!


i like them because they are a saucy, offbeat take on the ubiquitous shoe o' the season, punchy and different and not as staid as they might be if they were in plain ole black. always have to do things a little bit differently...

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