(not so) random links

-an undeniably cool fashion-related blog i stumbled on whilst doing some research on green transportation methods at work: copenhagen cycle chic - bike advocacy in high heels from the world's cycling capital. we can learn from them, in a myriad of ways. makes me think of wardrobe_remix member hen power's flickr community, velocouture. be stylish and sustainable at the same time ---> ride your bike. -vasiliisa of the suburban queen is truly, truly one of my absolute favorite fashion bloggers. i've fawned over her here before, and for very good reason: she's forever pushing boundaries in her fashion writing, asking pointed questions about the subject, and as a result, she's challenging our stereotypical beliefs and conventions regarding fashion, style, and beauty. she makes people think...and thinking is the most stylish thing one can do. in a recent missal, she asks: where are the images of the REALLY real people, the "overweight people...[or] people with (visible) disabilities or deformities[?]"...these people are rather underrepresented or not represented what-so-ever in fashion or on street fashion sites these days. and why?? beauty and style are not just exclusive to the tall + skinny + young + able-bodied.