beret beret!

if you read my recent post over on the threadbanger blog, beret brained! know i'm all about the beret at the moment. it's definitely a continuation of everything hat-centric i've been blabbering about for most of this year.
in recent weeks, i have been looking all around, high, low, here, and there for the perfect beret pattern. it has not been an easy task, for i wanted something easy, basic quick to make, pretty classic, not too slouchy, and worsted-weight yarn worthy. a tall order! though the lacy, oversized or chunky ones are lovely, they weren't *exactly* what i had in mind in my mind's eye.
i found some promising contenders around the ye olde world-wide-web (as evidenced by the round-up i linked to in the aforementioned post)...but like goldielocks and the three bears, none of them was quite right.
however, yesterday around 3pm a tiny crafty lightbulb flickered on on above my head, and shone brightly: i know where to find a pattern for the perfect beret! it's a pattern contained within a vintage copy of the reader's digest complete guide to needlework, a lovely classic craft tome i thrifted ages and ages ago.

reader's digest complete guide to needlework

beret pattern in the reader's digest complete guide to needlework

i had attempted said beret yonks ago when i was first learning how to crochet (that would be way back in what, 2004??) but for some reason didn't complete it. i'm pretty well-versed with the crocheting now, natch, and usually don't use patterns, but now and again i like the ease of not having to work everything out myself. so armed with some super basic bright yellow wool yarn (cascade 220), i got to work. three short hours later, i had myself the beret of my "dreams".

yellow beret

yellow beret

easy peasy.
love projects like this! nearly instant gratification.


(p.s. i am OBSESSED with yellow at the moment. orange still reigns supreme as my favorite color o' the past several years, but yellow is a recent fling with which i am having a torrid color affair. anyone else similarly smitten with yellow??)