(not so) random links

-those sky high stilletos don't do a body good. which is why i keep mine under 2.5" and wider as a general rule. what about you? self-professed champion of the uber high-heels? flats fan? (from sociological images) -this is apparently old news, but dolce & gabbana ripped off marimekko. bad form from a company who likely bitches, groans, and goes after counterfeiters unrelentingly themselves. absolutely disgusting move on the part of d&g, and a major disservice to a wonderful finnish company with an illustrious design history spanning a good half of the 20th century. i hope marimekko is looking into serving d&g their ass for lunch over this. counterfeit chic, did you hear about this? (from the glam guide)

-love this essay by paul graham on stuff. how our stuff owns us, how we really don't *need* it, how much of it has little value, regardless of what marketers will have us believe. here's a quote pertinent to the usual subject at hand around these parts, fashion:

A friend of mine cured herself of a clothes buying habit by asking herself before she bought anything "Am I going to wear this all the time?" If she couldn't convince herself that something she was thinking of buying would become one of those few things she wore all the time, she wouldn't buy it. I think that would work for any kind of purchase. Before you buy anything, ask yourself: will this be something I use constantly? Or is it just something nice? Or worse still, a mere bargain?

-via humane recipe, via consumerist: macy's doesn't care if you want to save the planet, forces you to take a plastic bag. nice (completely asinine) move, macy's. people shouldn't be penalized or treated badly because they don't want to take the damn plastic bag. the receipt IS enough, macy's. and if it isn't, you've got bigger fish to fry, and a lot to answer to. like, the earth?