fashion obsessions o' the moment

it's been a while since i have done this...heck, it's been a while since i have done a lot of things!! still insanely tired! and sick...had the stomach flu last week and felt like i was going to keel over and die (but thankfully did not!).
in all the sitting around i have been doing of late, i've had a lot of time to just sit there and ponder things...that i'm obsessed with. fashion obsessions! idle time is good for letting such obsessions grow and fester, don'tcha know?


so, my latest fashion obsessions are as such:

plastic (or that which resembles it) is the name of the game for me right now, apparently...? something about it's smoothness, shine. it's bright colors. sort of retro-futuristic?
-big, fat, honkin' cocktail rings, like the resin ones from australia's dinosaur designs or resin ones from NYC's alexis bittar -vintage german cazal eyeglass frames, very old-school hip-hop! -clear eyeglass frames (like the fresh cazal pair shown above) -plastic watches in super bright, saturated colors, like the zub zot watch (also shown above) -old, eye bleedingly bright, chunky vintage sweaters from the 1970s, in colors like sunshine yellow, almost fluorescent red-orange, emerald green. things funky grandmothers or tripping hippies would have donned with relish. these are likely also made of plastic (acrylic or poly, this is one of the only clothing items i deign to tolerate that are synthetic in fiber, clothing-wise).

-plastic shoes in inspired shapes (like the melissa ones's shown above, as so often donned by in the inimitable gala darling!) -big, brash baubles in gumball bright shades -anything by tatty devine


so, praytell: what are your fashion obsessions of the moment? what's nagging on your brain, aesthetically, this very second?